Digital Humanities Portfolio

This portfolio is the culminating work of my Digital Humanities certificate as specified by the UCLA Digital Humanities Program. It includes my collborative final projects that satisfied the requirements for DH 201: Core Seminar in Digital Humanities, DH 299: Graduate Capstone Seminar, and three graduate-level elective DH courses.


Complete list of courses (PDF)

DH 201: Introduction to Digital Humanities

Professor Ashley Sanders Garcia, Summer 2020

DH 299: Designing the User-Centered Art Archive

Dr. Kathy Carbone, Spring 2021

IS 289: Museums in the Digital Age

Professor Miriam Posner, Fall 2020

IS 272: Human/Computer Interaction

Professor Leah Lievrouw, Winter 2020

IS 260: Description and Access

Professor Gregory Leazer, Fall 2019

IS 270: Computer Systems and Infrastructures

Professor Miriam Posner, Winter 2020